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Welcome to Fime Industries, your premier destination for HVAC excellence in California! Since our establishment, we’ve been dedicated to providing top-notch HVAC services, including mini-split sales, installation, and repair, throughout the beautiful state of California.

6 Reasons Why you Should Buy a Mini Split

    High Efficiency

    Mini split heat pumps with inverter technology compressors often achieve higher efficiency ratings compared to central AC systems and window AC units, which result in a lower cost of operation making it the best comfort solution to save money on your electrical bill.

    Convenient Temperature Control

    The flexibility of having one mini split per zone allows you to control the temperature of each room or space independently and operate on a different schedule so you take advantage of the energy required at a time.

    Safe and Quiet Operation

    The biggest downside with window units is the large hole or window opening required to mount, allowing for dust, bugs and even thieves to enter the home. Mini splits consist of two components, the indoor and outdoor unit which only require a small hole of about 2-3 inches to run pipes and wires.

    The sleek design and smooth operation makes the mini split notably quieter than traditional HVAC systems creating a peaceful and comfortable environment.

    Easy Installation and Maintenance

    One of the significant benefits of ductless mini splits is the ability to be installed almost anywhere with a simple design that does not require invasive ductwork. This helps to save time and money during installation.

    Multiple Options Available

    There are various types of mini split systems to choose from, depending on your specific preferences in style, there is always a mini split that can meet your needs. From a simple single zone, to a complex five zone system. Besides the famous wall- mounted indoor unit, you can also find many other styles, like the ceiling cassette, floor mount, concealed style, just to mention a few. Mini split manufacturers also offer a wide range of capacity options from 9,000 BTUs to 36k BTUs per zone.


    The all in one solution, mini splits are versatile and can be used to cool, heat, purify, and dehumidify the air in your house. With an easy to use controller, you can select the mode, set temperatures, and adjust fan speeds to your personalized comfort.

        How much does a mini split installation cost?

        The total cost of a mini split with installation varies on multiple factors such as;

        • Single zone or Multi zone
        • System capacity
        • Materials required
        • Labor and complexity
        • Quality and efficiency of the equipment

        FIME HVAC is here to help you find the answer to all your questions in regards to mini split solutions. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate by sending us an inquiry.

        Fime Industries Services

        HVAC New Equipment Install

        Fime Industries specializes in the professional installation of new HVAC equipment. Whether you’re upgrading your existing system or installing HVAC in a new construction project, our expert technicians ensure seamless installation for optimal performance and efficiency.

        HVAC New Equipment Sales

        We offer a wide range of high-quality HVAC equipment for sale, including heating units, air conditioners, ventilation systems, and more. Our team assists you in selecting the right equipment that suits your space, budget, and efficiency requirements, ensuring maximum comfort and energy savings.

        HVAC Heating/Cooling

        Fime Industries provides comprehensive heating and cooling solutions to keep your indoor environment comfortable year-round. Whether you need heating during chilly winters or cooling relief in scorching summers, our HVAC systems are designed to maintain consistent temperatures and air quality throughout your home or business.

        HVAC Service

        Our HVAC service goes beyond installation to include ongoing maintenance and repairs. From routine tune-ups to emergency repairs, our skilled technicians ensure that your HVAC system operates efficiently, minimizing downtime and extending its lifespan.

        Minisplit New Equipment Install

        Mini-split systems offer versatile heating and cooling solutions for spaces where traditional ductwork is impractical. Fime Industries specializes in the professional installation of mini-split systems, ensuring precise placement and optimal performance for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.

        Minisplit New Equipment Sales

        We offer a range of high-quality mini-split systems for sale, tailored to meet the unique cooling and heating needs of your space. Our experts assist you in selecting the right system based on factors such as room size, layout, and desired features, ensuring maximum comfort and energy savings.

        Minisplit Service

        Fime Industries provides comprehensive service for mini-split systems, including maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to keep your mini-split system running smoothly, ensuring optimal performance and comfort throughout the year.

        Whether you need HVAC installation, sales, service, or mini-split solutions, Fime Industries is your trusted partner for all your heating and cooling needs in California.

        Why Choose Fime Industries?

        Value/ Affordable

        Our goal is to provide the best solutions at an affordable cost without cutting corners on quality and comfort.

        Customer Service

        We love to ensure our customers’ comfort and satisfaction. That is why we are committed to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

        Quality and Experience

        FIME HVAC has been a reliable HVAC company for more than eight years. With a deep understanding and experience to deliver top quality service.

        With Fime Industries, you can expect exceptional service, quality materials, competitive pricing, and a commitment to your satisfaction. Contact us today to experience the Fime Industries difference for all your HVAC needs in California.

        Your home deserves the best, and at Fime Industries, we’re dedicated to delivering excellence. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey towards a healthier, more comfortable living space.